PC-14: Splinter released at Solskogen 2018

The Demo PC-14: Splinter has been produced in 2.5 weeks and placed 1st in the PC-Demo Compo at Solskogen 2018. This short Demo with a popping techno track by Lerper shows off a triangle distorting effect together with our trademark volume lighting. As always you will find the soundtrack in the Releases section.


PC-13: Wursttunnel released at Revision 2017

The 26 hour Partyhack PC-13: Wursttunnel has been released and placed 16th out of 26 entries in the PC-Demo Compo. This nightmare of a Demo for every vegetarian is giving the Currywurst food stand at Revision the love it deserves. Find all the usual goodies in the Releases section. Big thanks to Akustikrausch for supplying the soundtrack.


PC-10: Panda³ Source Code Release

PandaCube released the Source Code for the Winner Demo of the Revision 2015 Wild Compo entry under a BSD style open source license. You can find the source code in the releases section.


PC-10: Panda³ places 1st at Revision 2015

PandaCube managed to win with our first ever Wild Compo entry at Revision 2015. For this release we built a "Real PandaCube" that has plenty of LEDs that can be programmed. Check it out in the releases section.


PC-11: Guardian places 2nd at Kindergarden 2014

PandaCube managed to place 2nd in a surprisingly strong Newschool Combined Demo Compo at Kindergarden 2014. This Demo is a bit shorter but has some nicely polished visuals. You can find the Demo in the releases section.


PC-09: The Wizard of Cos places 3rd at Revision 2014

Our newest Production: The Wizard of Cos has placed 3rd in the PC Demo compo at Revision 2014. You can find the Demo in the releases section.


PC-08: Dead Again wins the Solskogen 2013 PC Demo compo

We just came back form our Trip to Solskogen 2013 in Norway, where we released our latest Demo PC-08: Dead Again. This Demo has been produced in just 2.5 weeks and we are quite happy with the result. You can find the Demo in the releases section.


PPR Version of PC-07: Breached released

We just released our Post-Party-Release version of our Demo PC-07: Breached. The Demo has been added to the releases section. We fixed a couple of technical issues but the biggest differences make the texture fixes and the new lightning pass.


PC-07: Breached places 4th @ Revision 2013

Our new Demo PC-07: Breached placed 4th in the PC Demo Compo at Revision 2013. The Demo has been added to the releases section. You can also download the Soundtrack from there. We are currently working on a final Version that will fix some smaller issues (Demo too dark, Anti-Aliasing breaking).


Wallpapers and Soundtrack added

As promised before Revision, I added some Wallpapers for our Demos PC-06 and PC-05 PPR to the releases section. You will also find a link to the PC-06's music track by Atom Delta there. Drop me a mail under grx at pandacube.de if you would like other wallpaper resolutions than the ones available.


PC-06 wins PC Demo Compo @ Revision 2012

PandaCube is happy that the PC-06 Rev.2 Demo was able to win the PC Demo Compo. It has been added to the Releases section. We are currently preparing some Wallpapers and the Soundtrack to be released on this page soon.


PC-06 will be released at Revision 2012

PandaCube is happy to announce, that we will compete in the PC Demo Compo @ Revision 2012 with our new Demo PC-06. We will release additional bonus material on this webpage some time after the party (screenshots, mp3 of the music, etc.). But first, lets party in Saarbrücken!


Hugi #37 is out

PandaCube is featured in the latest editon of the DiskMag Hugi. It includes and Interview with GRX and Zonbie and the making-of PC-05: Flux, written by GRX. Get the windows executable from pouet.net or read the articles on the web (you will miss the nice music and presentation of the executable edition).


3 years, no update

PandaCube was quite busy making Demos, but we seemed to have forgotten to update this webpage ;) I added all our productions to the 'releases' section. Check it out! We try to replace this old junk website before Revision 2012. Come, meet and party with us @ Revision 2012.


Breakpoint 2009 Competition Results

We are very happy about the 3rd place that we were able to achieve in the 64 MB PC-Demo competition at Breakpoint 2009. Our demo is labeled PC-03: "ON/OFF" and can be downloaded from pouet.net. The Demo requires Windows Vista, DirectX10 and .Net3.0 (Vista SP1 will do). If you have problems getting the Demo to run, get the Visual Studio 2008 redistributable files from here. We acknowledge that the party version was not of the quality that we wanted to release but we ran out of time. Therefore we're currently working on an after-party release of the PC-03 Demo. The Final Version will be released on this site in a few weeks. It was a great party with really amazing weather. I'm looking forward to Breakpoint 2010.


Breakpoint 2009 Release (PC-03)

I'm very proud to anounce that Panda Cube will be competing in the 64 MB PC-Demo competition on Breakpoint 2009. Shortly after the Breakpoint Event the PC-03 Demo will be released on this website. Check out the Breakpoint Event website here.


Update to BoxEdit3D Project (PC-02)

Version 1.1 brings some minor bug fixes: The editor's initial window size will now be limited to the screen size. Also I fixed some picking precision issues. And finally I changed the shaders, so that they only need Shader Model 2.0 Hardware (to get this project running on my Laptop). Check it out in the releases section.


Second Release: PC-02

I added the second release to this page: BoxEdit3D (PC-02). This C# program was programmed in 2 1/2 Days as a programming test. It requires the .NET 2.0 Framework and the XNA Game Studio 2.0. The source code is provided under the GPL license. Check it out in the releases section.


Googling for panda cube

Trying to google my own page I found this nice picture on DeviantArt. "No pandas were harmed in the making of the cube!".


First Release: PC-01

I added the first release: Sudoku Solver (PC-01). This small C# program solves Sudokus for you. It requires the .NET 2.0 Framework. The source code is provided (GPL license) as well. Check it out in the releases section.



I finally found the time to create a webpage for the pandacube.de domain. The current design of this webpage is not final and will be (hopefully) replaced soon. In the near future I will use this domain to release programs and graphics demos under the panda cube label.